Asia-Pacific Journal of Surgical & Experimental Pathology

Publication ethics

Copyright and permission

Copyrights of all published online articles are reserved by the Asian Medical Press Limited (Hong Kong, China). During the process of submission for a manuscript, a copyright transfer agreement must be signed by the author who represents the agreement from all authors listed in the paper. The permission of each published online article is retained by Asian Medical Press Limited (Hong Kong, China) and any person or institution is forbidden to use the idea or text or data from the published articles for a financial purpose. Currently, all published online articles in the website of Asian Medical Press Limited are open access to the readers worldwide.

Peer review policy

Within first week following a submission, a decision will be done to inform whether the manuscript has been sent for review and a manuscript number is assigned or rejected. More than one expert from our editorial board will review the manuscript carefully. Editors will make a decision on the manuscript reviewed completely, which normally is revision or rejection. Revised manuscript will be sent to be reviewed by the original experts as well. The manuscript will be finally accepted when all experts make an agreement to accept the revised manuscript. If there is disagreement among two experts, the third reviewer will be invited to provide a suggestion referred to solve the disagreement. Double blind review is conducted which means authors and reviewers are kept from each other. Manuscript with defamation, copyright infringement, competing interest, fabrication or plagiarism will be not accepted.


Every submitted manuscript will be checked to identify whether it is original according to the COPE guidelines. Manuscript with plagiarism including any form of copying (text, images, data, idea) without a proper attribution will be not accepted during the peer-review process or retracted after publication.